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Adrasan Information

The name of Adrasan is coming from " Ada Arasi "  and also the town is known as Cavus village. Cove's ground which leans its back to the Bey Mountains is sandy and sea is shallow. Also there aren't any roads around it.

The people who are interested in water sports this place is a unequalled circuit. the temperature of sea water is high and season is long, especially sea is very clear and it has very long sight distance underwater nearly 29 meter. This place has quite enough possibilities for divers and underwater photographers..

Adrasan's closed cove has large and long beach. You can swim anywhere of cove. Opposite the cove you can see which dependent to Musa mountain. In cove entrance you can see "Markiz" hill. Two side of cove covered by forest altitude.

Adrasan's cove is so aesthetic and beautiful place.

if you are interesting in environmental trips you can go to Olympus antique city, Yanartas in mythological mountain. Also you can go to Çıralı, Kaş, Demre, Myra, Patara, Xantos, Phaselis and Antalya. 

Adrasan has long summer days and people are spending time by resting, swimming and going Adrasan's famous beach.

Adrasan beach's length is 2 km and left side called "Creek Place". Water is accommodate for kinds of fishes like "grey mullet" and "bass". Right side of cove has many hotels and motels.

There are trekking places for walking and climbing. between Mavikent (blue city) and Gelidonya you can see "Oturak cove" and its beaches which is so calm and beautiful.
You can start diving school in Adrasan and take courses for diving. Diving courses at three islands, Pirasali island and Sulu island for everyday. You can take a diving certificate after course.